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50 States of Talent this stop Delaware and The Jolly What!

Well before Sandy comes and pays my area a visit let me get this post out a day early.

This week I am featuring The Jolly What! from Newark, DE.  They got their start in 2007 but really started a s a full band in 2010. So far they have released two studio efforts 2009’s  “Life Is My Favorite Sport” and 2011’s  “So, you want to be a quitter”.  Currently they are working on their third album “Surviving the Supervolcano”.  However, after this week they may want to consider renaming it ‘Surviving the Frankenstorm”.

The current lineup consists of Marky Degz (vocal,guitar), Josh Howard (keys,tambourine), Brian Lafferty (bass), Curt Gibson (drums) and Matt Pulliam (lead/rhythm guitar).  Their songs are catchy with “the Pog Collector” being a favorite. It has all the makings of a quirky Alt band hit and it is.  The Jolly What! has even channeled their Boy Meets World days and wrote a song about Topanga. Find me another band that has done that.

I would best described The Jolly What! as a quirky Alt band, and quirky is good.  The sound is melodic dance infused pop rock. They have the local band sound but one of local bands that has a large following.  The Jolly What! doesn’t have a sloppy sound, it is well put together and fun!  They remind me on many successful local bands that  followed in my younger days.

Current chart topping artists that you could easily compare The Jolly What! to are The Strokes, Weezer and Foster the People.

The Jolly What! has a fun web page.  The artwork is fun and I would gladly wear a t-shirt with that artwork because it is conversation starting.   I did have trouble with the links to the video but a quick outside trip to YouTube and I was able to watch them in action.  They have a section on their web page titled SHOWS so you can see if they have anything coming your way. A plus for any local artist.

I recommend that if you like Alternative rock music check out The Jolly What!  I am sure that the live show is just as quirky and fun.

They can also be found on Facebook and MySPace.


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50 States of Talent continues. Next stop……..


Well, if you haven’t heard Sandy is making her way up the coast.  Quite frankly the only time I like to think of Sandy and the beach it involves a scene in Grease.

So before Sandy causes havoc to the eastern seaboard. I will make my way down the coast and check out Delaware before it’s too late since that is close to where Sandy wants to come ashore.

Since I am not far from where she wants to get cozy with the land there may be a slight delay in this next post.

But stay tuned. I will be back………

with The Jolly What!  (no really the ! is all theirs and it belongs there too)


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50 States of Talent continues….. this stop, RHODE ISLAND

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the nation but it has a lot of talent stuffed into it.  Nestled in between Connecticut and Massachusetts I ventured to Providence.   Here I came across this lovely man on the left.

This is Richard Davia.  Richard has been dabbling in music for years, mainly local bands.  Over the last couple of years Richard has decided to go solo as a singer-songwriter and learning the ropes along the way. He even got through a few audition rounds for Bravo’s show Hitmakers.  Richard sure knows how to market himself, I mean that’s what he does when he isn’t composing. He is good at it too.  His website has all the info you need, songs, bio, photos, lyrics etc. His videos are visually stunning, well crafted and produced. You will not find shoddy recording here. This is a classy guy.

Vocally, Richard has a very tender voice. He goes a bit pop rocker and sometimes loses his pitch. All of this is easily corrected. He is still exploring and perfecting his sound. I particularly liked the vocals best when he softened up and let the vulnerability in his voice shine through. The vulnerability of his voice is his strength. Experiment with your upper register and strip down some of your songs and see how this works.  I bet undiscovered beauty therein lies.

Lyrically, his songs are well written. Fly was the only one I wanted more from.  The chorus didn’t stand out enough for me.  The other songs followed a more traditional song structure and the chorus was easy to identify and anticipate. I liked the songs though. Erased is a surprise gem.  This song pulls it all together and shows us what Richard is capable of delivering.

Richard is on a journey because music is a journey of growth and discovery.

We are all on a journey because life is a journey just like music.

Discover Richard Davia like I did,


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Next stop……..

If you recognize this picture then you know I am headed a little further up the coast to cover someone from a town that experiences autumns colorful leaves, fancy pumpkins as well as a drop in temerature and tourism. Which makes it a perfect time to visit. Stay tuned!!

And as always spread the word and the sound of music.

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Follow up to Ryan Stone Music

 Hey Everyone!!!

Ryan was happy for the shout out I gave him. I amended slightly my original post as as with many bands, lineups change and his has changed this past year, So the post has been amended to reflect that.

He also wanted me to mention that on his facebook page you can download FREE music.  So kudos to Ryan for being such a giving guy and allowing you to check out full songs.

If you missed the original post go check it out, let me know what you think.  Send suggestions, I am already getting some from NJ and Texas but if the talent is plenty I may cover a few artists.

The rules are flexible as long as we are sharing a good feeling and the love of music.


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On the road again

So we have covered Florida and that leaves 49 more states to cover!!!!

But I am not just covering states I am covering countries!!  So if there is a state or a country you would like me to visit, LET ME KNOW!!

Your feedback is ALWAYS welcome and encouraged. Let’s do this together.


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50 states of talent……. First stop Miami, Florida and Ryan Stone Music

That’s right we have been heading into some colder weather so I have decided to start my 50 states of talent  in Florida, the Miami area to be geographically correct.  This is where Ryan Stone and his band come in.

Ryan Stone has spent many years fronting various bands in the Miami area before going solo.  Another multi-talented lyricist and musician he chose to play all of the instruments on his first release in 2007.

With their construction guy good looks the current line up is a full band joining many seasoned local musicians: Ozzie Jimenez, Ax Aleman and of course Ryan Stone.

Ryan has a nicely laid out web page and can be found on all the social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. He is definitely an experienced local guy who is quite capable of marketing himself in his part of town.  He has spent the time to put together some nice quality videos, all which can be found on YouTube.

Musically speaking the lyrics are solid, catchy, the music is a nice alt pop/rock focusing on the pop aspect.  While listening I found myself forgetting that I was listening to a local guy and not someone found on mainstream radio.  I mean these are catchy melodic pop hits that I found stuck in my head hours later. Think Lifehouse, think Jars of Clay.  Vocally you can think of those guys too,  Ryan’s voice is pleasant, there is no rise and fall in his voice. No  vocal trickery,  fancy falsetto or crescendos. He keeps it very in the middle, and it works.  You are caught off guard with his soft and gentle tenor.  Not what you expect to come out of this denim wearing guy.

If you like mellow alt/pop then check out Ryan Stone Music.  If you happen to be in the Miami area see if they are playing around.  I bet the live show is solid too.

Check out “Fallen” and 1 and 1 makes 3. These are great songs.  Basically I had a hard time finding a song that I didn’t like or didn’t sound like a hit.  These songs stick with you. It didn’t matter which song I was listening to.  Each song was radio worthy.  All I can ask is “Why haven’t they been snatched up by a label yet?”



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