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50 States of Talent Continues…….. NJ’s own Matt Wade

Matt’s a local guy here along the Jersey Shore and he knows first hand what a Super-storm Sandy can do. He put his musical connections and prowess together and created his own super-storm in the form of a benefit for the locals in our area who were affected by Sandy. With all proceeds going to the local chapter of the Red Cross. So kudos to him for that. Picture here on the left is from the benefit so pardon the informal setting.



So just who is this Matt Wade fellow? Besides being a local, Matt is primarily a self taught musician beginning at a young age like most prodigies.The guy breathes music. ( I wonder what happens when he yawns?)

A multi-instrumentalist Matt has been performing in talent competitions, community events and garage bands all while honing his craft. Eventually he decided to go solo and play his music and not covers, though he does throw in a few of those. He is backed by a band and the current line up is: Matt-piano/vocals, Colin Thompson- bass, Kevin Grossman- drums, Denis Daley – bari sax, Paul Vinci – sax and Charlie McDonald- trumpet. No, I didn’t omit a guitar player. There isn’t one.

Matt released a self-titled debut album in 2009. It contains many fan favorites, “Back On My Own” and “City Song” to name a few. He followed that up in 2011 with D Sides & Demo Tapes. That also contains some very alt-radio friendly tunes like “I Wanna Be On the Radio” and “Get the Picture”.

The overall sound is piano driven pop but that is just a generalization since there are obvious jazz and blues influences. Matt’s song writing has matured with his second release and definitely contained more vulnerable slower songs that really evoked the emotion in his voice. A good example would be “What can I say?” such a heartbreakingly beautiful love song, stripped down to near nakedness Those songs explored a tenderness that he doesn’t often show you in his live performances.

Matt can be found on YouTube where you can view quite a few musical performances. He can also be found on Facebook and his own web page His website is nicely done, containing all the info you need regarding upcoming shows or subscribing to a news letter buying merchandise etc. There is also a link to Itunes where you can buy his albums.

That said, I hope you will check him out and enjoy what you hear.



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50 States of Talent continues. This week, NJ and The Fletchers

Well, after what seems like a long absence I am back. Since I am doing the 50 State of talent I may as well pay a visit to the state that got rocked by “The Super-storm”, “The Hurricane” or as I like to say “That Bitch Sandy”

So this week I am featuring a NJ band; The Fletchers.

The Fletchers have been around for a while. They have a large college following, charting on quite a few college radio stations across the country. The Fletchers are: Gary Kaplan (vocals/guitar), Dan Coffey (bass/vocals), Cliff Heaton (drums) and Rob Freda (guitar). Their first effort, Bright Blue Lights, was released in 2008. Since then they have followed that up with 2011’s “Lights out Loud” and this years “Heros of Gravity”.

Their sound is best described as guitar driven indie pop. Very reminiscent of Husker Du & Sugar. Both bands being fronted by Bob Mould. Vocally Gary is a more intense version of Bob Mould so it is easy to hear how those comparisons are made. Gary’s got experience under his belt having found success in notable indie bands Dandelion Fire and Rotator Cuff. Therefore, he has a good idea what direction he wants to lead The Fletchers in.

The Fletchers have put together some nice videos that can be found on YouTube. One of them “Beaches” was partially filmed in Asbury Park. Unfortunately I don’t think the boardwalk looks like that anymore thanks to the storm. Another one that I really enjoyed was “Hideaway House” complete with Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots. Having a quality video on YouTube is a big plus in my book if you are an artist and want to expand your following.

The website is nice, not fancy but it contains all the information you may need, reviews, where to buy, upcoming shows, a brief bio, press and contact info. The only thing missing is photos but that’s minor.

All in all The Fletchers are a band worth checking out if 90’s era indie rock was or is your thing. I doubt you will be disappointed. They wouldn’t have gotten this far if they didn’t have something worth sharing.

So check them out here : , find them on Itunes and maybe if you’re in the area stop by and check out a show.


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Nicole Atkins a local helping the Jersey Shore relief



Please check out Neptune, NJ native Nicole Atkins who has rerecorded her single Neptune City (for the shore) as a benefit single to help this area that has been badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

There are still people without electric and people who cannot return to their homes because there is no electricity in the area. The National Guard is still patrolling my town.

If you like Lana Del Ray and chicks who sing a song with a haunted melancholiness then please check this out through the link:

if you purchase it all proceeds will go to help rebuild this area.  The song is a mere $2 donation.


These photos are as follows  1 block in from the ocean it was buried in 3 feet of solid sand the other is a house that well obviously is uninhabitable.  I have many more pictures that I could post but I think you get the idea. 


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Hurricane Sandy Update

Well, if you have seen the news reports you are well aware that Hurricane Sandy did a number on the Jersey Shore.  Bay Head and Mantoloking are really hurting as homes were washed away into the ocean or the bay and sand is everywhere.

Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag because that is where I am located.  Luckily, we sustained little damage   (the tree that came down missed the house by a few feet) other than no power/heat/ hot water for 9 days.  Let me tell you a hot shower is a wonderful thing!!!!

So I will be returning with the 50 States of Talent in another week or so.  THe kids have been out of school now for almost 2 weeks and my Husbands business was destroyed so I have a few things I need to complete on my end before I return.

Please send me suggestions on local talent.  You can send them here to the blog, to me at twitter @nothaydn or facebook I can be found in the community pages under NotHaydn.

I hope to be back soon!!!!!!!



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