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Elementary my dear with Washmen and the Fisher

washmen and the fisherSo, have you ever asked yourself at what age do most bands get their start? Just when do they form or what was it like for them when they were just starting out.  I mean we all know about bands/artists like Silverchair and Johnny Lang and Hanson (c’mon Mmmmm bop was huge) young talent barely out of high school who exploded onto the scene and made their mark.

Well, Washmen and the Fisher could be one of those bands, young talent that is focused on their future. It all started out when three friends: Paul Criscuolo (guitar/vocals), John Bogan (guitar) and John Ball (bass), got together and started playing.  These guys have been playing together since before the glory days of high school. They would get together and play at open mic nights at various coffee houses and even do some home recordings.  In February of 2012, Justin Giannuzzi joined this trio on drums for a few  jam sessions and it was then and there that they realized that the chemistry worked.  They were on to something.  This newly formed quartet decided to pursue it and take it to the next level as a full-fledged band beyond the open mic of the local coffee-house.

Originally they chose the name The Diamond Eyes and played a few gigs at the Legendary Stone Pony. Due to some copyright issues they changed the name to Washmen and the Fisher and I like the obscurity of that name much better.

This young group of guys have scored big early on. They have landed a deal working on a project for an internationally known surf board designer, Ryan Lovelace of  Ryan Lovelace Surf /Craft.  Washmen and the Fisher’s music will be featured on his full length film titled “Almost Cut My Hair” that he will release to his distributors in the US, Australia, Europe and Japan in the Spring of 2013.  This film also contains music from some other well-known (understatement) artists such as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young,  The trailer for the film is already creating a buzz for these guys.

While they are new to the scene as far as media goes they can be found on Facebook and YouTube under Washmen and the Fisher.  They are still in the process of sorting out their marketing skills.  The guys plan to release some media at Reverbnation and they do have a song for download at and  I am sure their catalog will increase as they get more songs recorded.  Currently there are some originals out there such as the single “your love was mine” and  “fish woman”.

The sound of Washmen and the Fisher is old school rock and roll all the way complete with bluesy influence Think 70’s rock, solid guitars, a few solos, a steady drum beat to hold it together.  Perhaps compare it to a rough draft of early Bad Company, the building blocks are the same.

So keep an eye on these guys.  They are young but don’t count that against them.  Washmen and the Fisher have a sound that is mature and will only get better with age.


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Cellar Dwellers: Big Daddy Love

Cellar Dwellers: Big Daddy Love.


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50 States of talent

Do you know a state that has some talent that needs to be hi-lighted?  Let me know. You can send me a message here or through twitter @nothaydn  or on Facebook NotHaydn  While there follow me or like the page  it is an easy way to follow this blog.

I look forward to your input and suggestions.

While I continue to search the countryside for talent I will have a tasty morsel for this next installment. Another young band to keep an eye on.



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50 States of Talent Continues in Michigan with Amy Gore and her Valentines

50 States of Talent Continues in Michigan with Amy Gore and her Valentines.

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50 States of Talent Continues in Michigan with Amy Gore and her Valentines


Just in time for Valentines Day I am bringing you Amy Gore and Her Valentines.  Their sound is Detroit all the way, garage, punk-ish and good old fashioned rock & Roll all mesh when Amy hits the stage.  I mean look at them, those ladies are old school rockers.  Their look is vintage meets 50’s pin up gal.  The guys rock their own vintage look Dan Zanes style.

Amy Gore a talented singer/songwriter/guitarist who has had her share of success performing with music icons such as Blondie and The Cramps. In 2011 Amy put together a line up that consisted of Jackson Smith on guitar, Leann Banks on bass, and Joe Leone on drums for what was supposed to be a one show deal to showcase her new material. (let me insert here that all the musicians she put together are accomplished in their own right be it studio musicians or other successful local bands)   However, the bands chemistry was such that they decided to make a go of it.  Amy Gore and Her Valentines was born, originally dubbed Amy Gore and the Squires.

The debut album has recently been released and it is a solid release in the school of rock, catchy lyrics, and solid riffs. A must listen for any guitar driven rock aficionado.

You can find Amy Gore and her Valentines on many popular social media sites, Facebook and twitter and of course YouTube.  She has her own channel there where you can watch some live performances and some artistically produced videos.  One in particular reminded me of a certain Pretenders video and I loved it.  I think Chrissy Hynde  would approve of Amy Gore and her Valentines since there are many similarities between them and the Pretenders. Of course don’t let them be boxed into this garage rock sound.  On the YouTube video channel there are covers of the Plimsouls and Smokey Robinson and some classic country artists too,  Her website is nice and quite professional, it contains everything you need, pictures, bios, upcoming events, links to social media sites and most importantly her music.

So like I said, just in time for Valentines Day, check out Amy and her band.  It’s something sweet for your ears.

She can be found at






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Tomorrow 50 States of Talent continues…….

Sorry for the delay in my posting.  My brother passed away unexpectedly and I have been busy helping out where needed.  In doing so I have neglected my own things.

In time for Valentines Day I have a treat for you a rocker chick (meant strictly as a compliment) from Detroit.  They don’t just make cars and reality tv up there they also make good music.



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