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50 States of Talent this stop Delaware and The Jolly What!

Well before Sandy comes and pays my area a visit let me get this post out a day early.

This week I am featuring The Jolly What! from Newark, DE.  They got their start in 2007 but really started a s a full band in 2010. So far they have released two studio efforts 2009’s  “Life Is My Favorite Sport” and 2011’s  “So, you want to be a quitter”.  Currently they are working on their third album “Surviving the Supervolcano”.  However, after this week they may want to consider renaming it ‘Surviving the Frankenstorm”.

The current lineup consists of Marky Degz (vocal,guitar), Josh Howard (keys,tambourine), Brian Lafferty (bass), Curt Gibson (drums) and Matt Pulliam (lead/rhythm guitar).  Their songs are catchy with “the Pog Collector” being a favorite. It has all the makings of a quirky Alt band hit and it is.  The Jolly What! has even channeled their Boy Meets World days and wrote a song about Topanga. Find me another band that has done that.

I would best described The Jolly What! as a quirky Alt band, and quirky is good.  The sound is melodic dance infused pop rock. They have the local band sound but one of local bands that has a large following.  The Jolly What! doesn’t have a sloppy sound, it is well put together and fun!  They remind me on many successful local bands that  followed in my younger days.

Current chart topping artists that you could easily compare The Jolly What! to are The Strokes, Weezer and Foster the People.

The Jolly What! has a fun web page.  The artwork is fun and I would gladly wear a t-shirt with that artwork because it is conversation starting.   I did have trouble with the links to the video but a quick outside trip to YouTube and I was able to watch them in action.  They have a section on their web page titled SHOWS so you can see if they have anything coming your way. A plus for any local artist.

I recommend that if you like Alternative rock music check out The Jolly What!  I am sure that the live show is just as quirky and fun.

They can also be found on Facebook and MySPace.


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50 States of Talent continues. Next stop……..


Well, if you haven’t heard Sandy is making her way up the coast.  Quite frankly the only time I like to think of Sandy and the beach it involves a scene in Grease.

So before Sandy causes havoc to the eastern seaboard. I will make my way down the coast and check out Delaware before it’s too late since that is close to where Sandy wants to come ashore.

Since I am not far from where she wants to get cozy with the land there may be a slight delay in this next post.

But stay tuned. I will be back………

with The Jolly What!  (no really the ! is all theirs and it belongs there too)


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