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Follow up to Ryan Stone Music

 Hey Everyone!!!

Ryan was happy for the shout out I gave him. I amended slightly my original post as as with many bands, lineups change and his has changed this past year, So the post has been amended to reflect that.

He also wanted me to mention that on his facebook page you can download FREE music.  So kudos to Ryan for being such a giving guy and allowing you to check out full songs.

If you missed the original post go check it out, let me know what you think.  Send suggestions, I am already getting some from NJ and Texas but if the talent is plenty I may cover a few artists.

The rules are flexible as long as we are sharing a good feeling and the love of music.


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50 states of talent……. First stop Miami, Florida and Ryan Stone Music

That’s right we have been heading into some colder weather so I have decided to start my 50 states of talent  in Florida, the Miami area to be geographically correct.  This is where Ryan Stone and his band come in.

Ryan Stone has spent many years fronting various bands in the Miami area before going solo.  Another multi-talented lyricist and musician he chose to play all of the instruments on his first release in 2007.

With their construction guy good looks the current line up is a full band joining many seasoned local musicians: Ozzie Jimenez, Ax Aleman and of course Ryan Stone.

Ryan has a nicely laid out web page and can be found on all the social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. He is definitely an experienced local guy who is quite capable of marketing himself in his part of town.  He has spent the time to put together some nice quality videos, all which can be found on YouTube.

Musically speaking the lyrics are solid, catchy, the music is a nice alt pop/rock focusing on the pop aspect.  While listening I found myself forgetting that I was listening to a local guy and not someone found on mainstream radio.  I mean these are catchy melodic pop hits that I found stuck in my head hours later. Think Lifehouse, think Jars of Clay.  Vocally you can think of those guys too,  Ryan’s voice is pleasant, there is no rise and fall in his voice. No  vocal trickery,  fancy falsetto or crescendos. He keeps it very in the middle, and it works.  You are caught off guard with his soft and gentle tenor.  Not what you expect to come out of this denim wearing guy.

If you like mellow alt/pop then check out Ryan Stone Music.  If you happen to be in the Miami area see if they are playing around.  I bet the live show is solid too.

Check out “Fallen” and 1 and 1 makes 3. These are great songs.  Basically I had a hard time finding a song that I didn’t like or didn’t sound like a hit.  These songs stick with you. It didn’t matter which song I was listening to.  Each song was radio worthy.  All I can ask is “Why haven’t they been snatched up by a label yet?”



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