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50 States of Talent continues This stop Indiana and Fossil Generation


Fossil Gen


Hailing from Muncie, Indiana the birthplace of the Garfield comic strip, y’know the fat orange cat who loves lasagna, Fossil Generation is an eclectic pop alternative band.  Fusing many styles but most easily recognized is early 90’s alternative before grunge took over a la  early That Petrol Emotion and Gene Loves Jezebel among other bands of that era that surfed  just under the mainstream radar.

Originally formed in 2010 by Bradley Thomas as support for his project “Bradley Thomas and Friends”.  They toured the midwest,  released 2 ep’s and an album.  Eventually the group decided to change direction and transformed themselves both musically and how they identified themselves. It was here that they decided upon the name Fossil Generation.  All aspects of the songwriting process became everyone’s responsibility.

primitiveThe first release from them as Fossil Generation is titled “Primitive”  Released 2013 available on itunes:  Unlike most bands who play around with a lyric and build from there these guys approached even the songwriting process differently, at least this time.  They wrote and solidified the music first and then added the lyrics.  “Primitive” is conceptual at its root.  Knowing this ahead of time helps if you want to follow the relationship between songs.  (some lyrics can be found here: )  If you aren’t paying much attention to the lyrics and just listening then you will be content with the sound of the guitars and the mini jams that  occur throughout.

However, the songs are relatable on a more human level.  They speak of alienation and remaining true to yourself and not conforming to the masses. This is a mindset that the members (Bradley Thomas, Shawn Ayala, Seth Scales and Ryan Minton) of Fossil Generation have embraced. In their corner of the country they provide a unique sound not conforming to the musical genres of their fellow local musicians/bands.  They chose this path because at the end of the day it is about staying true to oneself and being happy with the music you are creating.

Finding “local” musicians/bands to share is not always an easy task. These guys are definitely worth checking out if the early alternative sound is your thing. Even though that sound has been here before these guys approach it differently, with a modern twist.  If you are local to their corner of the world go see them live.  If you are not so local to the Indiana area then check out their webpage  Listing of upcoming shows are here as well as links to any media outlet such as twitter, YouTube, and  facebook and of course there is a link to Itunes where you can purchase “Primitive”  and help support the local musician(!!)

Happy Listening



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50 States of Talent continues. This stop Indiana

monteSo this week I promised to warm your ears and in order to do so I have trekked (not literally) to the Evansville, Indiana area.  It is here that I have found a very talented young man.  Another prodigal son, Andrae LeMonte aka Monte Skelton.

Monte like most prodigies began playing at a young age.  He excelled at every instrument that he touched, sax, clarinet, flute and oboe to name a few.  The man gives multi-instrumentalist new meaning, he plays more than 12 instruments.

Monte is all jazz, no vocals, strictly instrumental.  He plays with his band of dedicated musicians known as his Montourage (Zach Guenzel -Keyboards, Matt Courtney -Bass, Jon Kern- Drums, Alex Smith-Trumpet, Eli Green-percussion).  They have quite a following in the Evansville area and like any good jazz configuration they are good at improvising and offer up a nice jam session.  But don’t let the jazz tag scare you.  Monte and his Montourage take on such pop artists as Maroon 5 and One Republic.  At one show he had the crowd dancing to a montage of themes from Ghostbusters, Inspector Gadget and Mario Brothers.  How is that for taking on pop culture?

So give him a listen if experimental jazz or just jazz is your thing.  If you are looking for someone who loves to play with sound and learn from it then Monte is definitely worth a listen.  He is currently working on a CD for future release.

He can be found on Facebook at Monte Skelton where you can find out what he is up to and where he may be playing, he is also on Twitter @MonteSkelton , google+ and he has his own YouTube Channel also under Monte Skelton

Or you can find him here  for a more complete listing and further info, videos, gear set up etc.


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