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Nicole Atkins a local helping the Jersey Shore relief



Please check out Neptune, NJ native Nicole Atkins who has rerecorded her single Neptune City (for the shore) as a benefit single to help this area that has been badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

There are still people without electric and people who cannot return to their homes because there is no electricity in the area. The National Guard is still patrolling my town.

If you like Lana Del Ray and chicks who sing a song with a haunted melancholiness then please check this out through the link:

if you purchase it all proceeds will go to help rebuild this area.  The song is a mere $2 donation.


These photos are as follows  1 block in from the ocean it was buried in 3 feet of solid sand the other is a house that well obviously is uninhabitable.  I have many more pictures that I could post but I think you get the idea. 


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