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Follow up -Richard Davia

So in case you were wondering what some of my previous features were up to I thought I would take a moment to let davia1you know what Richard has been up to.

He is currently working on getting into the studio to do some recording but he needs our help.  Recording is a costly and tedious process and well, most musicians are not millionaires.

So let’s give him a hand, he has a kickstarter campaign going on right now.

Check it out and perhaps give him a hand.

Thanks, and as always support your local artists.


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Follow up to some artists I have featured this year, Richard Davia, Mike Wyatt, Truly Ford and Matt Wade

Happy holidays to all!!!! I will not be featuring any one artist this week as the holidays are fast approaching and things are hectic all around.

So I thought as the year starts to wind down and winding down it is since the Mayans were kinda wrong.  (Where are those Mayans anyway?   Seems they fizzled long before 2012)  I thought I would do a little piece on some of the artists I have featured and what they have been up to since they last appeared here.

So first let’s start with Richard Davia the singer songwriter from Rhode Island.

Richard won the Charter TV3 WooTube video of the month and now he is up for Video of the Year  with his videodavia1 “Breaking up around me”

Let’s help Richard achieve that by voting here

Richard’s videos were top of the line so let’s get him the recognition he so well deserves.

Also, a quick note of Mike Wyatt and Truly Ford, the two Brits I have featured.  Both have a unique style and vocally are not your average pop singers, Mike, having the makings of the grittiness of Tom Waits and Truly a  young Florence.  Both of these artists are making their mark in the UK and both are in the studio working on new material.  I will keep you updated on the progress and release as I learn more.



And last but not least is NJ’s own  Matt Wade who was up for Keyboard player of the year and well, you matt 2

guessed it, he won. Great accomplishment.

I guess that about sums up all there is for now.  I will

return in 2013 with more great bands and artists and of course 50 States of Talent continues.

Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Kwanza and a great Boxing Day, sorry if I missed any and Have a safe and Happy New Year!!!!!


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50 States of Talent continues….. this stop, RHODE ISLAND

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the nation but it has a lot of talent stuffed into it.  Nestled in between Connecticut and Massachusetts I ventured to Providence.   Here I came across this lovely man on the left.

This is Richard Davia.  Richard has been dabbling in music for years, mainly local bands.  Over the last couple of years Richard has decided to go solo as a singer-songwriter and learning the ropes along the way. He even got through a few audition rounds for Bravo’s show Hitmakers.  Richard sure knows how to market himself, I mean that’s what he does when he isn’t composing. He is good at it too.  His website has all the info you need, songs, bio, photos, lyrics etc. His videos are visually stunning, well crafted and produced. You will not find shoddy recording here. This is a classy guy.

Vocally, Richard has a very tender voice. He goes a bit pop rocker and sometimes loses his pitch. All of this is easily corrected. He is still exploring and perfecting his sound. I particularly liked the vocals best when he softened up and let the vulnerability in his voice shine through. The vulnerability of his voice is his strength. Experiment with your upper register and strip down some of your songs and see how this works.  I bet undiscovered beauty therein lies.

Lyrically, his songs are well written. Fly was the only one I wanted more from.  The chorus didn’t stand out enough for me.  The other songs followed a more traditional song structure and the chorus was easy to identify and anticipate. I liked the songs though. Erased is a surprise gem.  This song pulls it all together and shows us what Richard is capable of delivering.

Richard is on a journey because music is a journey of growth and discovery.

We are all on a journey because life is a journey just like music.

Discover Richard Davia like I did,


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