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50 States of Talent Continues in Michigan with Amy Gore and her Valentines


Just in time for Valentines Day I am bringing you Amy Gore and Her Valentines.  Their sound is Detroit all the way, garage, punk-ish and good old fashioned rock & Roll all mesh when Amy hits the stage.  I mean look at them, those ladies are old school rockers.  Their look is vintage meets 50’s pin up gal.  The guys rock their own vintage look Dan Zanes style.

Amy Gore a talented singer/songwriter/guitarist who has had her share of success performing with music icons such as Blondie and The Cramps. In 2011 Amy put together a line up that consisted of Jackson Smith on guitar, Leann Banks on bass, and Joe Leone on drums for what was supposed to be a one show deal to showcase her new material. (let me insert here that all the musicians she put together are accomplished in their own right be it studio musicians or other successful local bands)   However, the bands chemistry was such that they decided to make a go of it.  Amy Gore and Her Valentines was born, originally dubbed Amy Gore and the Squires.

The debut album has recently been released and it is a solid release in the school of rock, catchy lyrics, and solid riffs. A must listen for any guitar driven rock aficionado.

You can find Amy Gore and her Valentines on many popular social media sites, Facebook and twitter and of course YouTube.  She has her own channel there where you can watch some live performances and some artistically produced videos.  One in particular reminded me of a certain Pretenders video and I loved it.  I think Chrissy Hynde  would approve of Amy Gore and her Valentines since there are many similarities between them and the Pretenders. Of course don’t let them be boxed into this garage rock sound.  On the YouTube video channel there are covers of the Plimsouls and Smokey Robinson and some classic country artists too,  Her website is nice and quite professional, it contains everything you need, pictures, bios, upcoming events, links to social media sites and most importantly her music.

So like I said, just in time for Valentines Day, check out Amy and her band.  It’s something sweet for your ears.

She can be found at






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50 States of Talent continues in Arizona and The Afterlight

afterlight bwThis week finds us in a warmer climate.  I’ve traveled west as I said I would and stumbled upon The Afterlight a pop/punk band hailing from the Mesa area.

The core members of this band have been on the Arizona punk scene for almost a decade  A scene that has given us such bands as The Gin Blossom”s and Jimmy Eat World.

Many of the guys in The Afterlight  have been part of some popular bands during this time such as Already Lost, Curbside High, and Spindle who changed their name to Third Approach.  Third Approach was a mainstay on the scene for 7 years releasing 3 albums during their reign.

The last band to have members of The Afterlight in it was The Heartless.  A band that enjoyed immense popularity on the scene and had a promising future. Their album “One Night Stanza” landed them a spot in a contest on The Howard Stern Show.  They went on to win the contest.  Unfortunately, shortly after their success on the Howard Stern show the singer left and the band went their separate ways.

This brief history brings us current and The Afterlight as they are here: Ross Chambers- vocals , Adam Blaylock- bass Chris Nunes- guitar, Jeff Tretta- guitar and Ben McCarthy -drums. These guys come together and bring a lot of experience both as musicians and as well seasoned performers and you can hear that experience on this recording.  Their album Chasing Stars was released this past fall and it is available for free download here:  :

The album contains a really cute intro reminiscent of the late 80’s and early 90’s.  It then dives right in with G.F.Y. and I had to take a step back to make sure that I didn’t accidentally change the music.  There was such a professional quality and sound to the song.  Easily compared to Fall Out Boy and Jimmy Eat World.  The album continues to hold your interest with such songs as The Beginning of the End and These Aren’t the Voids You’re Looking For, Move along.  A very radio friendly tune.  The Afterlight is capable of showcasing their softer side as heard in such songs as “Said and Done’ and “End of October”, another radio friendly song.

Unfortunately shortly after releasing “Chasing Stars” Ross had to leave the band for personal reasons.  The Afterlight though continues on as the remaining four musicians are happy to go forward filling in on vocals while they perhaps look for a front-man.  This is similar to a situation that Genesis found themselves in before finally handing the mic and drumsticks to Phil Collins.

The Afterlight does not yet have a website but you can find them in may places on the web.  They are on Facebook as TheAfterlightAZ.  I find Facebook to be a good alternative if you have not yet made a website because it is easy to maintain.

They can also be found on twitter, instagram and YouTube under TheAfterlightAZ.  On YouTube they have their own channel with some interesting videos some from shows, others just video updates. They are also on www.

Check them out if you are a fan of alternative and pop punk.  Their sound while a local band is universal.


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