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50 States of Talent continues. This stop Indiana

monteSo this week I promised to warm your ears and in order to do so I have trekked (not literally) to the Evansville, Indiana area.  It is here that I have found a very talented young man.  Another prodigal son, Andrae LeMonte aka Monte Skelton.

Monte like most prodigies began playing at a young age.  He excelled at every instrument that he touched, sax, clarinet, flute and oboe to name a few.  The man gives multi-instrumentalist new meaning, he plays more than 12 instruments.

Monte is all jazz, no vocals, strictly instrumental.  He plays with his band of dedicated musicians known as his Montourage (Zach Guenzel -Keyboards, Matt Courtney -Bass, Jon Kern- Drums, Alex Smith-Trumpet, Eli Green-percussion).  They have quite a following in the Evansville area and like any good jazz configuration they are good at improvising and offer up a nice jam session.  But don’t let the jazz tag scare you.  Monte and his Montourage take on such pop artists as Maroon 5 and One Republic.  At one show he had the crowd dancing to a montage of themes from Ghostbusters, Inspector Gadget and Mario Brothers.  How is that for taking on pop culture?

So give him a listen if experimental jazz or just jazz is your thing.  If you are looking for someone who loves to play with sound and learn from it then Monte is definitely worth a listen.  He is currently working on a CD for future release.

He can be found on Facebook at Monte Skelton where you can find out what he is up to and where he may be playing, he is also on Twitter @MonteSkelton , google+ and he has his own YouTube Channel also under Monte Skelton

Or you can find him here  for a more complete listing and further info, videos, gear set up etc.


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50 States of Talent Continues…….. NJ’s own Matt Wade

Matt’s a local guy here along the Jersey Shore and he knows first hand what a Super-storm Sandy can do. He put his musical connections and prowess together and created his own super-storm in the form of a benefit for the locals in our area who were affected by Sandy. With all proceeds going to the local chapter of the Red Cross. So kudos to him for that. Picture here on the left is from the benefit so pardon the informal setting.



So just who is this Matt Wade fellow? Besides being a local, Matt is primarily a self taught musician beginning at a young age like most prodigies.The guy breathes music. ( I wonder what happens when he yawns?)

A multi-instrumentalist Matt has been performing in talent competitions, community events and garage bands all while honing his craft. Eventually he decided to go solo and play his music and not covers, though he does throw in a few of those. He is backed by a band and the current line up is: Matt-piano/vocals, Colin Thompson- bass, Kevin Grossman- drums, Denis Daley – bari sax, Paul Vinci – sax and Charlie McDonald- trumpet. No, I didn’t omit a guitar player. There isn’t one.

Matt released a self-titled debut album in 2009. It contains many fan favorites, “Back On My Own” and “City Song” to name a few. He followed that up in 2011 with D Sides & Demo Tapes. That also contains some very alt-radio friendly tunes like “I Wanna Be On the Radio” and “Get the Picture”.

The overall sound is piano driven pop but that is just a generalization since there are obvious jazz and blues influences. Matt’s song writing has matured with his second release and definitely contained more vulnerable slower songs that really evoked the emotion in his voice. A good example would be “What can I say?” such a heartbreakingly beautiful love song, stripped down to near nakedness Those songs explored a tenderness that he doesn’t often show you in his live performances.

Matt can be found on YouTube where you can view quite a few musical performances. He can also be found on Facebook and his own web page His website is nicely done, containing all the info you need regarding upcoming shows or subscribing to a news letter buying merchandise etc. There is also a link to Itunes where you can buy his albums.

That said, I hope you will check him out and enjoy what you hear.



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On the road again

So we have covered Florida and that leaves 49 more states to cover!!!!

But I am not just covering states I am covering countries!!  So if there is a state or a country you would like me to visit, LET ME KNOW!!

Your feedback is ALWAYS welcome and encouraged. Let’s do this together.


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May I introduce to you…. Jarle Bernhoft

This weeks artist is a Norwegian fellow by the name of Jarle Bernhoft otherwise known as Bernhoft.

Perhaps I have cheated a little bit since he known in Norway.  However, we aren’t in Norway are we?  He is relatively unknown outside a small circle of Europe. I mean a small circle of Europe. After doing some digging I have found that he played on The Ellen Show in September of 2011. I missed it and I bet that most of you did too.  I also bet that the majority who watched were at that point fridge surfing. Nothing against Ellen, I like her and her show but we’ve seen her studio audience, looks like a bunch of PTO moms.

So let’s talk a little bit about Jarle Bernhoft or Bernhoft. He used to play in a few bands that released a few albums before finally going solo.  He released his first solo album in 2008. That line up included many musicians and was a pricey way to get your music across so he ditched that idea.  His latest incarnation is Jarle himself, no band. I mean who really needs a band when you can surround yourself with everything that you need to make your sound?  This multi instrumentalist is his own one man band.  He is good too.  You hardly realize just how much he is doing by himself unless you are watching him perform. Whether it is layering a vocal track or a guitar track  or both. It’s fun watching him create.

So what’s he sound like? Oh well he is 70’s throwback soul, R&B, jazz fusion, and heck why we’re at it, let’s throw in some beatbox. OK mostly soul with a nice modern pop flair.  The guitar is always acoustic and there are no funky solos but there is so much going on you don’t even want that..  Vocally I can hear flirtations with Adam Levine sans the upper register whiny and Terrence Trent D’Arby sans the soulful screeches that Terrence was so good at. His songwriting is precise and he has that pop formula down there is nothing awkward here. It flows effortlessly.

His latest release Solidarity Breaks was released January 31,2011. The single Choices was leaked a few months earlier. The album is rich, complete and polished. Offering some upbeat sounds like “Sing Hello” yet contains some mellower tracks like “Stay with Me”. The sound is consistent.

While Bernhoft has stated that he has no immediate plans to tackle North America I wish he would. I can see no reason why we wouldn’t embrace him and be mesmerized by his talents.  His first two albums are available on I-Tunes and hopefully soon his third will be too.  However, in the meantime you can listen to it via his website.

Suggested viewing: C’mon talk

need more:

Check him and his website at:

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