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50 States of Talent continues with the “51st State” and Stuart Newman

SNewmanA self taught musician hailing from the UK who decided to try his hand at songwriting during his most formative years…college. Stuart also decided to undertake the task of learning home recording.  Obviously even at this early stage he was setting his sights higher.

Eventually after some experimentation and technique mastering Stuart released his efforts as an album “Single but Defective” in 2009.  This release was available as a free download. It was well received.  Stuart took it one step further at this point creating t-shirts.  Free while they lasted!!  He sent t-shirts to many foreign nations upon request from new fans.  So obviously someone was listening early on as his fan base was spreading to other continents.

Feeling the need to create Stuart ventured back into the studio to record some new material he had been working on.  Some of this new material was featured on  “BBC introducing: The South” and as “Download of the week”

In early 2012 Stuart released the EP “Bored of Idiot Chatter” available as a free download or a physical CD if requested.  This EP contains the song “51st State” a politically charged song simply understated and lyrically rich. Many of his songs are quiet tunes, they don’t holler at you, they speak softly to you, whisper in your ear and get you thinking.

Stuart continued releasing music during 2012 as singles which can be found on his nicely laid out website  In November 2012, Stuart was awarded the Yamaha Downloads “Unsigned act of the month”  Stuart is also on Facebook and Twitter and a few other media sites all which are noted on his website.

Stuart Newman is definitely someone to check out if you are a fan of Radiohead.  He possesses the same vocal ability and musically he is subtle with a hint of genius.reminiscent of The Church, Radiohead as well as Love & Rockets and more currently Bon Iver.

Stuart has many quality videos that can be viewed on YouTube.  They are alternatively artistic and a pleasure to watch.  I could spend all day exploring the things that Stuart has made available online. So check him out at his website.  Download his music, it’s free!!!  Consider this his gift to you. What can you give him in return?  A new follower.

Photo courtesy of Nicolai Amter



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